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Saturday, May 19th, 2007
11:24 pm
Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
8:11 pm



Just wondering if this was a live community... that is, not a dead community.
Friday, October 13th, 2006
3:25 am
TechBC students - getting the techbc.ca domain back!
Attention all past TechBC and present SFU Surrey students!

There's a possibility that we can get the techbc.ca domain back, and use it to our own ends (like having our student email addresses back, hosting our portfolios, and more).

I've posted further details in this posting on the TekBC Underground.
Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
11:37 am
Hi, I've just found this community, and if there is somebody having knowledge about PC, that would be great. Does anyone know how to fix time in a pc from one country to another?
Monday, May 24th, 2004
4:10 pm

Just to let you all know I have created two new and wonderful communities:

burnabybc – Because for some odd reason there was formerly no Burnaby community. If you live in or have something to share or learn about Burnaby, please join us! Robbat2 is co-mod with me.


new_westbc – New_WestminsterBC wouldn’t fit because of character constraints and I didn’t want to leave out the BC least England complain. Like all other location communities, if you live in or have something to share about New West, please join us!

Also, check amethest user info for my other great communities!

X-posted to vancouver, britishcolumbia, burnabybc, langley_bc, new_westbc, sfu, surrey and techbc
Thursday, April 15th, 2004
2:03 pm
Svend Robinson has just announded a temporary stepping down of his position in the NDP in Burnaby.

He cited personal and emotional issues. He seems to have accidently stollen a peice of jellery, which he returned to the police.

I don't have the news souces, but it should be all over the local news.

We need to start up a campain of "Get Well Svend" and "We Want You Back"

The People need Svend! Svend can not fad gently into that good night!

Without him, I fear the tenious grasp we're keeping on gay marriage and other important issues may fold!

Send the NDP your support - tell them we want and need Svend!
Friday, March 19th, 2004
2:23 pm
Please Help Me With a Project.

I am taking a third year English class at SFU, and I'm analyzing Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's two poems "The Mistress" and "The Lover." The poems describe the ideal man and woman in the eighteenth century, according to Montagu.

I have translated the characteristics Montagu describes in the poem and turned them into a kind of survey.

I would greatly appreciate anyone and everyone that can to take a moment and fill it out.

Beside each characteristic please indicate in a scale from 0-5 whether this characteristic is something that is important for a partner to posses in order for you to interested in them. 0 means you find the characteristic completely irrelevant, and 5 means you think that characteristic is essential. If you put something as "zero" perhaps you could also add why you feel this characteristic is no longer relevant, or if there's a characteristic that seems to have replaced it.

If you are straight or gay, fill out the half of the survey for what gender you are most attracted to, if you are bi, you can either pick a half or fill out both.

At the end of the characteristics, I have a brief stats section. Please only put as much information down as you are comfortable with. Although this will not be completely anonymous because I know the LJ you are responding from, the results in my essay will compile this information anonymously.

Finally, please feel free to cross post this anywhere else you feel it may be relevant, even in your own journals but please, please tell me you have done so so that I can collect the results.


[ ] She possess a certain something that keeps you interested in the prospect longer than one evening.
[ ] She is a good kisser
[ ] She has a beautiful face
[ ] She has an intriguing, beautiful or interesting mind
[ ] She enjoys being a flirt and or acting flirty.
[ ] She is neither too quick nor too long in consenting to sex.
[ ] She likes playing hard to get, but just long enough to peak interest.
[ ] She likes playing hard to get, but for an extended time, always nearly losing you but always drawing you back. .
[ ] Ultimately she allows you to win the game.
[ ] Her being a virgin
[ ] Being in a mutually monogamous relationship.
[ ] If monogamous, then you not getting jealous or suspicious that she might become unfaithful.
[ ] You having total conviction in the love bond
[ ] She being so intensely in love with you to the point that they could live for you, and die with you.
[ ] She keeps the relationship fresh by still flirting, endlessly tells you she miss you, she still has “butterflies” in the stomach when you meet.
[ ] She is discreet and keeps the relationship from public knowledge.
[ ] She is a good confidante for your secrets and worries.


[ ] He has common sense and a kind personality in equal portions.
[ ] He places worth on his own pleasure, but also ensures the woman is well satisfied.
[ ] He doesn’t boast.
[ ] He isn’t lewd.
[ ] He’s never strict.
[ ] He’s not vain.
[ ] You are the dominant force over him, though not to the point of cruelty.
[ ] In public he doesn’t laugh when he has nothing to say
[ ] Outwardly he is friendly and talks to everyone
[ ] While still being faithful to only yourself.
[ ] In public is polite and doesn’t give away the true nature of your relationship.
[ ] In public he is correctly respectful to you, not being coy or exaggerated.
[ ] In private, you both become equals.
[ ] He is one part lover to an equal part friend.
[ ] He is a good confidante,
[ ] a kind listener,
[ ] and good at giving advice.
[ ] He protects you from danger.
[ ] He protects you from being taken advantage of.

Current city, Province/territory/State:
Place/culture raised in (if different from above):
Sexual orientation:
Number of relationships [however you define them]:
Do you have any familiarity with eighteenth century literature? yes/no [not required]:
Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
8:24 pm
I'd like to inform you all that I've created two new communities and I encourage you all to join.

The first is called Please Post Herepleaseposthere It's a very open discussion community. From time to time I may post discussion starting topics but if you have something to post and get you there, post it here is the community for you.

The second community is called sexualitybc It's an inclusive community for everyone in the GLBPTAS queer community. If you have something to say about sex, sexuality, relationships or lack there of please join this community. Please remember that it is an inclusive and safe space. The only posts I will ever remove are those that I feel threaten the security of that environ.
Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
4:13 am
Welcome to all TechBCers, new and orginal. We welcome you to our nostaligic look of Techbc then and now.

I don't go to SFU Surrey per say, I"m up on the hill but I'm Robbat2Robbat2's geek groupie so I follow him and his interests quite a bit in the hopes that it'll pay off in him feeding me. So far that's worked.

Erm, first question: When's the next techbc open house, and are they having free food?
Monday, December 15th, 2003
4:40 am

I started at TechBC in September 2001, and I'm still at the new SFU now. I'm a longtime friend of one of the old system administators Patrick L. and the last system administrator for TekNights, the LAN gaming club of TechBC.

  • TechBC theme for this journal
  • Put up the TekNights webpage again
  • Follow up from SFU archives on more details

I decided I have enough time now, so it's time to start a community of those of here here on LiveJournal, and keep the spirit behind TechBC alive.

Current Mood: accomplished
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